What Would Life Be Like Without A Trustworthy Osteoporosis Doctor?

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Can you imagine having osteoporosis, but no doctor to diagnose it? Or maybe you have experienced this? Here’s why you need an orthopedic doctor in your life.

trustworthy osteoporosis doctorOsteoporosis is sometimes referred to as a “silent” disease. It is most often not detected until a person suffers an injury. Imagine you are living your daily life, fulfilling your normal routine, when something as easy as tripping on the steps lands you in the hospital.

Now you might still feel young. You can live a full life into your 80’s or even much higher these days. You possess all of your mental faculties and you exercise more than a lot of younger people you know. Even more importantly, you feel like you still have so much to give to this world.

So how does a fall, something you’ve probably done hundreds of times over the years, change your life? And what would it be like trying to figure out what’s wrong without a trustworthy Osteoporosis Doctor?

Life Without an Osteoporosis Doctor

After that initial fall you limp a little, but you don’t think there’s any reason to worry. The pain in your leg will go away eventually, right? A couple of days later, the pain is still there and it’s gotten worse. Your balance is definitely altered and you’ve come close to falling again multiple times.

An appointment with your Primary Care Physician doesn’t shed much light on the situation. Suggestions are offered: take some over the counter pain reliever, rest the leg, try some heat. These are all things that you’ve already done with no obvious improvement. Maybe you need to get some testing done? An X-Ray is prescribed.

Ultimately the X-ray shows what you already know, your leg is injured. Although it isn’t a very serious injury, it does seem to be inhibiting your daily life. And finally, you fall again. This time your arm and ankle are injured. You begin to feel helpless and like there’s something else going on but you can’t put your finger on it. Yet none of the doctors that you’ve seen have been able to make any sense of it.

Without a physician who understands what’s going on, without a trustworthy Osteoporosis Doctor you feel doomed to live with injuries that don’t heal. There isn’t a diagnosis to give you any idea of how you could prevent further pain and you can’t shake the fear of sustaining more injuries.

The Difference A Trustworthy Osteoporosis Doctor Makes

What exactly could a trustworthy osteoporosis doctor do that could shed some light onto what’s going on with your body? Well, to start, you would actually get an osteoporosis diagnosis or at the very least, answers as to why your bones keep getting so easily injured.

To be diagnosed, a trustworthy osteoporosis doctor would have you get what’s called a bone density test. After diagnosis, a your doctor would walk you through the most effective osteoporosis treatments available. And if the test has shown a lower bone density, but not so low as to diagnose you with osteoporosis, your doctor could also give you tips for osteoporosis prevention.

If you haven’t really been imagining these injuries, but have actually experienced at least some of what we’ve been talking about, it’s probably time to give Allied Bone and Joint a call for an appointment:

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