Total Body Composition

“If you measure it, you can manage it”

How does body composition work?

  • The DXA bone densitometer uses small amounts of X-ray (about the same as a round-trip transcontinental flight) to produce the total body image.
  • A computer software application assists in determining the amount of bone, lean and fat tissues across the whole body and in specific regions.


Why use DXA?

The DXA can determine and monitor:

  • Distribution of body fat,
  • Bone and lean muscle mass
  • Visceral fat (predictor of heart disease)
  • Provides the most precise and accurate measurements—”The Gold Standard”


During the test

  • Your name, age, height, weight and ethnicity are entered into the computer before your exam. This information is used to compare your results to a normal reference group.
  •  You are asked to lie on your back and remain in your normal clothing.
  • The technician will position your arms and legs.
  • The exam is painless and will last approximately 10 minutes. You will breathe normal and lie still.
  • You should not take any calcium supplements 48 hours prior to the scan



Your body composition results

  • Results are displayed in a 7-10 page report for you to keep.
  • With interval scans, results can be compared to better understand how changes in diet, exercise, lifestyle or other interventions are influencing your body composition.

Sample Report Page


Allied Bone and Joint is excited to provide this cutting edge technology to the community and encourages you to meet with a dietician, provider, or other resource to interpret these results.

Individual and package pricing is available for the Total Body Scan – contact our office to find out more.


This is not a diagnostic test for osteoporosis.  If interested in a DXA for bone health a separate appointment with our office can be scheduled.