Patient’s provide their testimony about how the providers at Allied Bone and Joint were able to get their Life in Motion!


“I appreciated the kindness and tender feelings by all concerned.  Dr. Akre explained everything about my condition (fracture) and got x-rays. I am not back to “Life in Motion” yet, but feel confident that I will.”  – Marilyn R.


“Having a 3 year old with a broken arm is a recipe for disaster.  Dr. Akre, Cheryl and Rob all helped up feel at ease, worked through our son’s tears and fears and didn’t blink twice when he asked for a waterproof cast.  Our active boy has kept in life in motion, constant motion- thanks to the team at Allied Bone and Joint.  Thank you!  – Evan, Claire and Reagan W.


“This is the best I have felt in 3-4 years. Thank you Dr. Akre” – Sandra C


“Dr. Akre, Dr. Kline, Cheryl and the X-Ray Tech are all super nice and very caring. They kept me well informed about what they were going to do.” -Karen W.


“I couldn’t be more proud to be a patient of Dr. Kline (and his staff).  He gave me the confidence I needed to have the surgery on my toe/foot.  This was my 1st surgery, and all went fantastic! Dr. Kline is very caring and very personable.  I can’t thank you enough for everything that you have done for me.  Lots of thanks!  -Dawn C


“I have seen Cheryl, Dr. Kline and Dr. Akre and they have all been wonderful. Dr. Kline and Dr. Akre have both done surgeries for me and I never had problems post-op.  Cheryl always takes me seriously and has an outstanding personality.  In fact, everyone in that office does, down to the receptionists.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my orthopedic issues!” -Betty T. 


 “I suffered with knee pain for several years and after numerous, unsuccessful attempts to alleviate the pain, I was referred to Dr. Akre by my friends. Dr. Akre took the time to listen and spend time with me.  He is caring, generous and HONEST, I appreciated his personality.  I now refer him to my friends and am a brand new person.  Dr. Akre got MY Life in Motion.”  -Tracey B.


“Dr. Akre did a beautiful, wonderful, excellent job on my hip! No pain, no problems!” –Bernice I.


I was experiencing a lot of pain in my hip and when I saw Dr. Akre, he was very caring and genuinely concerned. He did a hip replacement on me and even prayed with me prior to surgery which I appreciated as that is important to me.  Even the staff at the hospital were complimentary of him.  Six weeks after the surgery I was up and moving around.  I keep going back for other orthopedic needs and refer others to him so they can too get their Life in Motion. –Bonnie H.