6 Outlandish Sports Injuries That Actually Happened

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Have you seen these strange and scary injuries that have occurred throughout sports history?

Sports InjuriesWe tend to think of famous people as superhuman. Celebrities can do whatever they want, go wherever they want, and remain seemingly untouchable. This includes sports celebrities. Sure, they get injured during the game, but they have all of the medical attention they need to get back out there, right? Well, what about those strange sports injuries that we think shouldn’t be possible for our superhuman idols?

Shocking Sports Injuries

Despite our faith in the invulnerability of our favorite sports heroes, there are still some pretty crazy sports injuries that have been sustained throughout sports history. Here are a few outlandish injuries that occurred during the game:

  1. 1923 – Boston Red Sox Game: In an attempt to intimidate the pitcher, while at bat Clarence Blethen took out his false teeth and put them in his back pocket. But he forgot about them when he slid into second base and literally got bit in the backside by his own false teeth!
  2. 1934 – The US Open: Bobby Cruickshank was on his 11th hole and hit his golf ball towards a water hazard. However, the ball bounced back to the green after hitting a rock. Cruickshank tossed his club in the air in celebration but didn’t step out of the way as it careened back to the ground. Cruickshank was hit in the head and knocked out by his own club. He did wake up eventually and continued playing, tying at third place.
  3. 1975 – Manchester United Game: Goalkeeper Alex Stepney was screaming at his teammates so much and so vehemently that he actually dislocated his jaw during a game.
  4. 1989- Buffalo Sabres Game: In the stuff made of nightmares, Clint Malarchuk was hit by a flying skate in an ice hockey game. His carotid artery (in the neck) was severed and he lost one-third of his blood from this injury. Thankfully, he did survive this freak accident.
  5. 1999 – Cleveland Browns Game: Orlando Brown accidentally got hit in the face with a referee’s flag. He had to take years off from playing due to partial blindness in his right eye.
  6. 2013 – Georgia Bulldogs Game: In celebration of a teammate’s touchdown, Malcolm Mitchell didn’t land his chest bump well and tore his ACL. Unfortunately, this sports injury actually ended his season.

Treating Rare & Common Sports Injuries

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