This Osteoporosis Doctor In Granger Is Just For You

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Get the treatment you deserve, with full confidence that Osteoporosis relief is right around the corner.

Osteoporosis Doctor In GrangerDo you or someone you love have Osteoporosis? If so, you understand the effect it has on a person’s life. As a progressive bone loss disease, there is constant awareness of your surroundings as not to fall and fracture your hip, wrist or ankle. This can place unnecessary stress on a person.

Osteoporosis affects more than 44 million americans in the United States, and an estimated 2 million bone fractures occur each year due to this disease. Here at Allied Bone and Joint we provide you with doctors that treat Osteoporosis, offering their patients the innovative techniques and the latest technology to provide them with optimum care and comfort. This is why Allied Bone and Joint are called on for an Osteoporosis doctor in Granger. We are just a hop, skip and jump from Granger, with two convenient locations.


Why Choose Allied Bone and Joint as your Osteoporosis Doctor in Granger?

Allied Bone and Joint opened 8 years ago in the Michiana area, and 2 years ago in the Plymouth area. We are a division of Allied Physicians of Michiana (APOM), in which was formed in 1998. The goal of APOM was to provide unparalleled healthcare services to the community and surrounding regions, and they have done just that. APOM now has 13 offices that exemplify the success in caring for their patients that they have promised to each and every individual, since the beginning.

We have 2 offices to serve your Osteoporosis needs:

  • Our South Bend Office in University Commons Medical Plaza
    6301 University Commons Ste 100
    South Bend, IN 46635
    (574) 247-4667
  • Plymouth
    2349 Lake Ave Ste 201
    Plymouth, IN 46563
    (574) 540-500

What To Expect During Your Osteoporosis Evaluation

Whether or not you have already been diagnosed for Osteoporosis, we will help build your story to recovery. We will assess your personal story, as well as your family history to understand your risk of fractures and/or Osteoporosis. Once we have these risks identified, we will work as a team to improve your overall bone health. If needed, we will further evaluate via lab tests and x-rays.


Treatment That Will Be Provided For You

Although there is no cure for Osteoporosis, there are treatments available to help prevent, slow or stop its progress.

We typically suggest our patients to:

  • Keep in communication with their doctor
  • Improve calcium intake
  • Increase vitamin D intake
  • Prevent falls
  • Get exercise
  • Stop smoking
  • Limit alcohol intake

In addition to these recommendations your doctor may suggest:

  • Estrogen Replacement Therapy
  • Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators
  • Calcitonin
  • Bisphosphonates

For more information on Osteoporosis and what to expect from an Osteoporosis Doctor in Granger, simply contact Allied Bone and Joint.


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