What Sets Allied Bone and Joint Apart from Other Orthopedic Doctors in South Bend?

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Whether you are looking for general orthopedic care, podiatry, osteoporosis care, or a different type of orthopedic service, Allied Bone and Joint can offer the specialized care you need.

Orthopedic-Doctors-In-South BendThere are a handful of priorities that most orthopedic patients share: Quality, reliable care. Personable, attentive doctors. Intentional follow-up. And affordable rates.

Patients value all of these elements–but, all too often, they are forced to compromise one or several of these priorities. Numerous orthopedic doctors in South Bend offer affordable, reasonable rates–but the quality of service is compromised as a consequence. Others offer excellent care or highly attentive staff–but feature rates that all but the wealthiest patients cannot afford.

So, what sets Allied Bone and Joint apart from other orthopedic doctors in South Bend? At Allied Bone and Joint, we strive to place special emphasis on each of these elements, ensuring that elite-quality orthopedic services are accessible to all patients.

Specialized Orthopedic Services

Part of making elite-quality care broadly accessible is offering a wide range of specialized services. After all, the quality of your osteoporosis care will be sub-par if it is administered by a podiatry specialist.

At your first examination with one of our orthopedists, we will review your medical history and assess the nature of your orthopedic condition. From there, we can direct you to one of our specialists, who will be able to give you the expert diagnosis, treatment, and recovery guidance that you’re looking for. Listed below are some of the fields our doctors specialize in:

  • General Orthopedics
    Within the field of general orthopedics, there are numerous focuses. At Allied, we pay specialized attention to the following orthopedic areas:
    • Shoulder
    • Elbow, wrist, and hand
    • Hip
    • Knee and ankle

For each of these respective areas, we feature the latest technology and methods for treatment and the most qualified orthopedists in South Bend.

  • Podiatry
    While podiatry itself is a specialized field, the doctors at Allied Bone and Joint offer further areas of treatment within the broader field of podiatry. These include:
    • Injuries to the foot and ankle
    • Heel pain
    • Skin disorders of the foot
    • Complications from diabetes
  • Bone Health & Osteoporosis
    Osteoporosis, which is most common among older patients, affects 10 million Americans–and an additional 34 million are considered at risk. Degradation of the bones due to osteoporosis can cause stooping, loss of height, and increased risk of bone breakage. We take this condition very seriously; Allied features a special osteoporosis and bone health department, featuring Dr. Akre, a certified clinical Densitometrist.

Whatever orthopedic condition you are suffering from, the attentive, personable orthopedic doctors in South Bend at Allied Bone and Joint can offer you superior service and specialized treatment. To learn more or to schedule an examination, contact Allied Bone and Joint today.


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