Looking for Hip Joint Pain Treatment Near South Bend? Try Our Tips First!

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Summer has made it’s way to Indiana; how can we tell? Aside from weather news reports, there’s another way that Indiana natives can predict a heat wave: hip joint pain.

hipsAccording to data referenced by the Arthritis Foundation, a study conducted in 2007 revealed that an increase in barometric pressure can increase arthritis pain. So much so, in fact, that a specific experiment demonstrated a one-third inch alteration to the ball of the hip joint resulting from a rise in barometric pressure.

Before seeking hip joint pain treatment near South Bend, there are a few things you can try first.

Not Feeling Hip to the Groove?

Whether it’s the weather, an injury, or pinched nerve that’s causing hip joint pain, the disruption to daily routines due to hip discomfort can be frustrating. If you have severe pain in or around your hip joint, it’s best to consult a professional orthopedic surgeon. If, however, you have arthritis, bursitis, sciatica or other recurring-prone hip conditions, there may be remedies you can try – from the comfort of your own home.

5 Things to Attempt Before Seeking Hip Joint Pain Treatment Near South Bend

A major component of avoiding hip joint pain is to practice preventive measures whenever possible. If you can establish a routine of proper self care to include daily low-impact exercise, plenty of rest and optimal nutrition, you may be able to minimize or bypass uncomfortable hip pain and/or conditions.

In the event revention doesn’t pass muster, as in the case of barometric shifts and other weather-related scenarios, here are few things you can try:

  1. Hot and Cold Treatments: add warm baths into your regimen to assuage sore hip joints. For a cooler effect, wrap a bag of ice or frozen vegetables in a towel and apply to the hip (do not leave on for longer than 10 minutes at a time).
  2. Physical Therapy: low-impact and routine moderate exercise, such as swimming, can help strengthen muscles that support the hip joint.
  3. OTC Pain Relievers: Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen and other over the counter pain medications can help ease hip joint discomfort.
  4. Supplements: some sufferers of joint pain have found supplements like Glucosamine, that supports healthy cartilage and other tissues surrounding joints to helpful in minimizing hip joint pain.
  5. Yoga: again, regular moderate exercise can help reduce pain to the hip area; this can include certain stretches and yoga poses.

Always consult a medical expert if you are in severe pain, or are unsure whether a certain exercise or activity is right for you.

Other Causes of Hip Joint Pain & When To Seek Professional Help

In some cases severe hip joint pain may be an indication of a more serious condition. If you experience any intense pain, extreme swelling, infection, deformity, lack of mobility or other similar symptoms, consult an orthopedic doctor as soon as possible.

If you need hip joint treatment near South Bend, Allied Bone and Joint can help. We will do whatever we can to make sure your life remains in motion. Contact us now for more information on our orthopedic offerings at 574-247-4667.


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