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Keeping Your Life in Motion- Helping You Stay Active

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  Helping You Stay Active Hello! I’m Dr. Richard McClain an orthopedic surgeon with Allied Bone and Joint. My office is conveniently located at Saint Joseph Health System Plymouth Medical Center. As an orthopedic surgeon, I focus on musculoskeletal health, injuries and diseases. This complex system of bones, joints, muscles, tendons and nerves is what … Read More

Tennis Elbow Treatment in South Bend Just Got Simpler

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Don’t let tennis elbow get in the way of living your life Playing tennis isn’t the only reason you’ve been diagnosed with tennis elbow. In fact, carpenters, plumbers painters, auto mechanics, cooks and butchers (amongst others) are most likely to develop tennis elbow over other occupations. Anything that causes repetition and weight lifting is what … Read More

What To Expect With Arthroscopic Surgery Near Mishawaka

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Being informed about arthroscopic procedures is the first step to successful treatment. Arthroscopic Surgery has become a favored procedure over the years due to the ease of recovery on the patient. There are still many who are unsure if whether or not Arthroscopic Surgery is the procedure they’re looking for. When it comes to Arthroscopic … Read More

Women’s Health Fair Vendors

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Mark your calendars for May 12th, our Women’s Health Fair will be the place to be that night. Here are some vendors that will be spending the evening with us to be a great resource for your health and wellness. Orangetherory Fitness-Granger OBGYN Associates of Northern Indiana RiverBend Cancer Services… Allied ENT Specialty Services Urology … Read More