Keeping Your Life in Motion- Helping You Stay Active

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Dr. Richard McClain


Helping You Stay Active

Hello! I’m Dr. Richard McClain an orthopedic surgeon with Allied Bone and Joint. My office is conveniently located at Saint Joseph Health System Plymouth Medical Center. As an orthopedic surgeon, I focus on musculoskeletal health, injuries and diseases. This complex system of bones, joints, muscles, tendons and nerves is what allows you to move, play, work and live your life in motion!

I’m inviting you to enjoy our new weekly column Keeping Your Life in Motion! In addition to myself, you will also hear from sports medicine providers, physical therapists, athletic trainers and more. Upcoming topics I plan to address include: What is arthritis, and what does it mean to me? What are cortisone shots? What are joint replacements? When is it time to see my doctor? What is osteoporosis, and am I at risk?

This column will also offer health tips and guidance on activities such as weight training, treadmill use versus “normal” running, exercises that help with knee pain and reducing injuries to the weekend warrior. We look forward to — Keeping Your Life in Motion!

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