Keeping Your Life in Motion- Power Tool Safety

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Dr. Richard McClain

By: Dr. Richard McClain, Allied Bone and Joint Plymouth Office

Power Tool Safety

Several years back I treated a patient who inadvertently injured his hand on a table-saw. He was an industrial arts instructor who, at the time, was demonstrating power tool safety. Needless to say, his class saw up close the effects of carelessness. I’m not making this up. Fortunately for my patient, only some fingertips were lost. He was awake while I patched him up in surgery. As we talked, and I patched, a then popular song came over the radio (again, not making this up): “…’cause you had a bad day,…” At least we shared a chuckle over the mishap.

Aside from shorter fingers, and wounded pride, he was very fortunate. Another patient I had was not. She was around 18 and quite literally just started working at an industrial company. That first day she caught her wrist in a router (high-speed shaping drill) that chewed up her wrist: bones, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. Her injury was irreparable.

Power tools have improved our lives at work and at home, but they can instantly change our lives for the worse. Protect your flesh. Be careful with your hands. Keep your Life in Motion.

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