Keeping Your Life in Motion- Knee Pain

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Dr. Richard McClain

By: Dr. Richard McClain, Allied Bone and Joint Plymouth Office

Knee pain

“Doctor, my knee hurts.” This is a common complaint with many potential causes, including everyday activities. I like to use car analogies with my patients because most of us understand terms like “flat tires” or “bad shock absorbers.” One common problem occurs after we step “wrong” or “tweak” the knee, tearing a meniscus (our knees’ shock absorbers). Each meniscus is a pliable, soft cartilage that stiffens with age. Activities we did easily as children can injure these structures with age. Meniscus tears are painful, click and sometimes cause swelling, locking and buckling. If these symptoms don’t resolve after a reasonable time with care (rest, ice, compression, elevation and NSAIDs such as ibuprofen), seek out your doctor’s care.

Surgical and non-surgical options can treat these symptoms. When all else fails, arthroscopic surgery with small incisions and specially designed instruments resolve these problems. Symptoms usually resolve within two to

three weeks, and variables can affect recovery time. Normal activities usually resume without pain.

With or without surgery, my goal is to restore your Life in Motion.

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