How To Make Joint Replacement Easier For You

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A simple how-to for joint replacements to make life easier for you and your loved ones.

Joint ReplacementAt times in life,  we must face surgery in order to improve our quality of life. If the cartilage in your joints has been worn away, it may be time to consult your orthopedic surgeon about joint replacement. If you are currently weighing your future after surgery, here are some things to consider.

4 Steps Toward Joint Replacement and Recovery

  1. Research minimally invasive means of replacing joints. A minimally invasive surgery, such as arthroscopic surgery, would be one in which the incision is smaller, and therefore a faster recovery time. A small incision will also entail less intensive wound care post-surgery. Some surgeons who have extensive previous experience will be more practiced in the art of minimally invasive surgeries.
  2. Be in communication with your orthopedic surgeon. Ask about how long recovery will take, how the surgeon will approach pain management, and how long you will need to stay in the hospital. Having these conversations will ease your nerves as you go into this next stage of your journey.
  3. Prepare your living space for your return home. This will make you more confident going into the surgery itself. Think through what your capabilities will be with your loved ones and your physician. If you are getting a knee joint replacement or a hip joint replacement, you will have difficulty climbing stairs during recovery. Create a comforting living space on the lower level of your home with few walking impediments and access to the kitchen and restroom. On a more entertaining note: find some books or movies to make recovery slip by quickly!
  4. Prepare to have support throughout your recovery. A physical therapist will begin to work with you immediately to get you back to a healthy range of motion. This should be a source of encouragement to you. You will have a professional walking you through what activities to work back into your daily routine after your joint replacement.

While any surgery can cause anxiety, there are ways to prepare yourself and your loved ones for postoperative recovery. Talk to your surgeon about what you can expect after the surgery is complete. Discuss your future with your family and friends and gain support from those around you. Set yourself up for success by taking small steps: like creating a welcoming space to return to and making a reading list. Think first and foremost about the improvement that you will experience with a joint replacement surgery.

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