The Painful Connection Between Weather & Hand Joint Pain Treatment

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Ever wonder why body pain is worse at certain times of the year? There’s a scientific explanation for what you’ve been experiencing.

hand joint pain treatmentWe’ve all had that older relative (or have heard of one) who just knew “in their bones” when there was going to be a change in the weather. And maybe at the time we just laughed it off, attributing it to a fanciful imagination. Yet as we’ve grown older, we realize that Aunt Suzy May might actually have known what she was talking about.

There have been various medical studies and more than enough first-hand experience from patients to evidence the link between change in the weather and an increase in pain. Along with migraines and even asthma, the change in weather has a noticeable effect on joint pain. If this is something you experience, especially in your hands, it is probably a good season to look into hand joint pain treatment.

When the weather gets colder, the body reacts by a bracing of the muscles and a stiffening of the joints. This stiffening usually exacerbates any pre-existing pain in the body. This is particularly true for joint pain because of the nerve-endings present in the tissue surrounding the joints. So it’s actually not all in your head. The worsening of pain with the winter weather is really your body reacting to its environment.

Options For Hand Joint Pain Treatment

Thankfully, just “dealing with it” is not necessary when it comes to hand joint pain. There are a couple of options for hand joint pain treatment that an Orthopedic specialist might prescribe.

The first step in hand joint pain treatment is usually to get the inflammation down with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication. These can often be purchased over the counter and be taken as the bottle directions indicate.

Once you’ve communicated your symptoms to an Orthopedic doctor, he or she might determine whether or not they are signs of early arthritis in your hands. Your doctor will probably then instruct you in some simple hand exercises that can be done throughout your day to keep your joints loose.

Another common finger joint pain treatment that your doctor might determine would be helpful to you are corticosteroid injections. These small injections could alleviate paint in your finger joints for up to a year.

If you’ve been experiencing an increase in joint pain with the arrival of colder weather, now would be a great time to visit an Orthopedic doctor to get some relief. Allied Bone and Joint has a team of Orthopedic specialists who can walk you through the best hand joint pain treatments for your individual case.

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