Beating the Winter Weather with At-Home Hand Arthritis Treatment!

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Use these simple hand exercises to keep hand arthritis at bay this winter.

hand arthritis treatmentArthritis is a pain all year round, but the winter season can especially wreak havoc on your sore joints. But you don’t have to consign yourself to a painful holiday season! There are ways to control the pain with hand arthritis treatment you can try at home.

The number one way to control pain caused by arthritis in your hands is to stay active. Despite it being cold and blustery outside, it is still vital to find ways to keep your hands moving. Here are a list of hand arthritis treatment stretches to keep your joints moving every day this winter season!

Seasonal Stretches: Hand Arthritis Treatment At Home!

  1. Make a Fist.
    Many people lose grasping strength in their hands due to the pain caused by hand arthritis. Get your joints moving, and strengthen your grip, by making a fist (thumb on the outside), one hand at a time, focusing on a gentle closing motion. Repeat 10 times with both hands.
  1. Finger Bends.
    Keeping your hand open, gently bend each finger towards the palm one at a time. Hold each finger in its bent position for a few seconds before carefully unfolding it. Finally, finish the stretch by folding your thumb into the palm, pointing towards the pinky. Unfold the thumb, and then continue the same finger bends on the other hand.
  1. Make an O.
    When your hands are feeling particularly stiff, practice making an “O” with your hand. Position your hand as if you are about to pick up a cup from the table. Then slowly curl your fingers and thumb until the tip of the thumb touches your fingers, forming an “O.” Hold for a few seconds before releasing, and repeating with the other hand.
  1. Finger Lift.
    Place your hand on a table, your palm facing down. Starting with the thumb, lift slowly and then hold for a few seconds. Return to the table, and continue with the rest of your fingers.
  1. Wrist Stretch.
    Don’t forget your wrist! Hold your arm out in front of you with the palm facing down. With your other hand, carefully bend your hand down towards the floor, so that the palm is now facing your body. Repeat this stretch ten times on each wrist.

Perform these hand arthritis treatment stretches every day at home to ease the pain caused by this cold season!

If your pain continues or worsens with these stretches, contact Allied Bone and Joint. We can provide alternative finger joint pain treatment, or assess the signs of early arthritis in hands to find a treatment that works best for you. Let’s work together to keep your life in motion!