8 Signs It Might be Time to Look Into General Orthopedics in South Bend

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Your Guide to the Evaluation and Treatment Process of a General Orthopedic Visit According to the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), nearly $245 billion dollars and 488 million days of restricted work activity are attributed to musculoskeletal-related conditions annually in the U.S. Orthopedic physicians are instrumental in evaluating, diagnosing and treating a number of … Read More

Why Finding the Best Orthopedic Doctor In South Bend is Like Finding Yoda

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The Jedi’s of Orthopedics in South Bend Offer Variety and Dependability B.Y. (Before Yoda), Luke Skywalker was simply a space farm boy with a minor skill in targeting womp rats from a T-16. A.Y. (After Yoda) Luke Skywalker became a skilled Jedi who took down to Siths and the Death Star. An expert orthopedic doctor … Read More

Joint Injections

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  By: Dr. Richard McClain, Allied Bone and Joint Plymouth Office Many patients I see have severe pain in certain joints, like a knee, hip, or shoulder, and have tried the typical medications or braces with little relief. The question I often am asked is “is there anything else we can do other surgery?” Absolutely! … Read More

What Would Life Be Like Without A Trustworthy Osteoporosis Doctor?

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Can you imagine having osteoporosis, but no doctor to diagnose it? Or maybe you have experienced this? Here’s why you need an orthopedic doctor in your life. Osteoporosis is sometimes referred to as a “silent” disease. It is most often not detected until a person suffers an injury. Imagine you are living your daily life, … Read More

What To Expect With Knee Replacement Surgery

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Discover how taking the proper recovery steps assist in you your healing, and get you back on your feet. When non-surgical treatments for your knee arthritis or injury haven’t produced the results you were hoping for your doctor might suggest knee replacement surgery. Depending on the severity of your injury or arthritis your surgeon might … Read More