Appointment Preparation Tips From The Best Orthopedic Surgeons

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Get the most out of your upcoming orthopedic appointment with these helpful tips!

best orthopedic surgeons in south bendSo you’ve taken the time to research and make sure you’ve chosen a physician from the best orthopedic surgeons in South Bend. You had great recommendations from friends and family; you even found some good resources online that allow you to see other patients’ reviews of doctors. You’re confident in your choice.

Now you want to make sure that you’re as prepared as you can be for your first appointment. You want to get a good feel for your doctor and you want answers to all of your questions. You need to get as much information as you can about your diagnosis and possible treatment options.

Tips For Your First Appointment

Taking initiative and advocating for your care or the care of someone you love is exactly what the best orthopedic surgeons in South Bend would encourage. Here are some tips to help you get ready for your upcoming appointment:

  • Assemble prevalent test results – If you have any x-rays, lab test results, or medical records from other physicians, put them all in one place so they’ll be ready for you to take with you to your appointment.
  • Make sure you have your insurance cards and payment for a possible co-pay charge – It can be such a hassle to either have to reschedule your appointment or figure out how to have your insurance company billed if your keep the appointment.
  • Put together your medical history & current medication list – It is always easier to fill out any necessary forms or give the doctor a succinct history of your medical issue if you have it all written down ahead of time.
  • Write down your questions – It can be so easy to forget the questions we have for our doctors as soon as we get into the examination room. Having them written and with you will ensure that you get the answers you are looking for.
  • Bring a notepad or a recording device to take notes – It can also be easy to forget all that you and the doctor may discuss. Bring what you need to take notes so that no important information gets lost.
  • Bring a friend or loved one – Having another person with you at your appointment can be helpful, especially if you have trouble with mobility or do get overwhelmed and forget things during your medical appointments. Another person present can make sure everything is in order for you.
  • Dress comfortably – Given the possibility of getting your blood pressure taken or even the necessity of wearing a gown during your appointment at the South Bend orthopedics location, make sure you wear clothing that is both comfortable and easily removable.

Contact Information For The Best Orthopedic Surgeons in South Bend

Allied Bone and Joint – Visit our website for more information and more great tips!

South Bend – (574) 367-2570

Plymouth – (877) 659-6204


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