Why Finding the Best Orthopedic Doctor In South Bend is Like Finding Yoda

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The Jedi’s of Orthopedics in South Bend Offer Variety and Dependability

Best Orthopedic Doctor In South BendB.Y. (Before Yoda), Luke Skywalker was simply a space farm boy with a minor skill in targeting womp rats from a T-16. A.Y. (After Yoda) Luke Skywalker became a skilled Jedi who took down to Siths and the Death Star. An expert orthopedic doctor should be similar to Yoda or A.Y. Luke Skywalker.

Don’t get stuck with a space farm boy whose expertise caps out with womp rat hunting. When looking for the best orthopedic doctor in South Bend, go for the best – go to the direct source of The Orthopedic Force.

Use The Force – Go to the Best Orthopedic Doctor in South Bend

What makes Allied Bone and Joint the home for your best orthopedic doctor in South Bend? All three of our main providers are board certified orthopedic surgeons with extensive experience in various orthopedic areas.

From sports medicine reconstructive surgery and total joint replacement to wound and diseases of the foot and lower leg and more, we are dedicated to evaluating and treating all your orthopedic needs. We also have a nurse practitioner skilled in several aspects of orthopedic assessment and treatment.

The Jedi’s of Orthopedics in South Bend Offer Variety and Dependability

The mark of a good Jedi is having patience, the ability to concentrate, a number of different skills and an overall positive attitude.

The makings of the best orthopedic doctor are much the same. Having an orthopedic doctor who takes the time to listen to your needs, can offer a range of orthopedic services and expertise and help provide preventative solutions is invaluable.

When you’re in need of orthopedic treatment, it’s comforting to know that you are in the hands of an expert who invests and continues to ensure that you lead the most healthy, happy and active life you can.

We are dedicated to becoming your choice for all your orthopedic needs. Our services include:

  • Fracture Care
  • Peripheral Nerve Decompression – to include carpal tunnel release, ulnar nerve release and tarsal tunnel release
  • Arthroscopic and Reconstructive Surgery – to include surgery of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle; and ACL, meniscus repair, rotator cuff, labral repair and shoulder instability
  • Total Joint Replacement – to include: shoulder, elbow, hip, anterior hip, knee, partial knee and ankle
  • Treatment of arthritis, tendon and ligament injuries

Do, or Do Not Choose an Experienced and Skilled Orthopedic Surgeon, there is no Try!

No matter what your orthopedic needs are, Allied Bone and Joint would love to serve as your orthopedic Jedis. We don’t simply want to treat your needs, we want to get to know you. We will take the time to listen to your concerns and offer you ways to remain active and keep your life in motion.

Here’s what a couple of our patients say:

“I suffered with knee pain for several years and after numerous, unsuccessful attempts to alleviate the pain, I was referred to Dr. Akre by my friends. Dr. Akre took the time to listen and spend time with me.  He is caring, generous and HONEST, I appreciated his personality.  I now refer him to my friends and am a brand new person.  Dr. Akre got MY Life in Motion.”  – Tracey B.

“Dr. Akre did a beautiful, wonderful, excellent job on my hip! No pain, no problems!” – Bernice I.

Have a concern regarding an injury or painful musculoskeletal condition? We can help. Call us today at 574-247-4667.


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