Don’t Let a Knee Condition get the Best of You: Get the Best Knee Orthopedic Surgeon in South Bend

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Orthopedic Experts you can Rely on to Get Your Life Back in Motion

Best Knee Orthopedic Surgeon In South BendThere are several knee conditions that might indicate you’re in the need of orthopedic expertise. Anything from sports-related injuries and fractures to congenital defects and other diseases are areas commonly addressed by an orthopedic surgeon.

Take a look at some of the most prevalent knee conditions and learn how you can seek treatment from the best knee orthopedic surgeon in South Bend.

Knee Deep in Pain? Time to See the Best Orthopedic Surgeon in South Bend

They enable us to walk, run, skip, crouch and jump: knees. When something beyond our control prevents us from using them properly, life as we know it can become frustrating, painful and inconvenient.

You might be wondering what symptoms necessitate a visit to an orthopedic specialist. How much knee pain is simply from overuse, or a minor injury, versus something greater? Here are a few indications that it’s time to call the best knee orthopedic surgeon in South Bend:

  • Tendon tears – can commonly occur from sports-related injuries, usually from running or jumping motions, which causes the quadriceps and patellar tendons to stretch or tear.
  • Dislocation – is often a result of a fall, vehicular accident or even simply how an individual’s knee is structured, prone to slipping out of alignment.
  • ACL Injuries – unfortunately, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) issues are common among athletes and/or result during sports-related activities – soccer, basketball and football are common culprits.
  • PCL injuries – are typically associated with severe trauma to the front of the knee while in a bent position – car accidents and direct-contact sports.
  • Collateral Ligament Injuries – are less common, resulting from blunt force trauma to the knee, causing it to be pushed outward, most commonly occurring in a sports-related situation.
  • Fractures – are often caused by vehicular accidents or similar types of trauma, typically resulting in broken bone surrounding the patella.
  • Meniscal tears – occur from sports-related activity, arthritis and aging, and are associated with twisting motions and/or high impact to the knee.

If you suspect that you have any of the conditions listed above, or are in severe pain, have loss of mobility in the knee area, and/or are experiencing swelling, it’s time to call the best knee orthopedic surgeon in South Bend … it’s time to reach out to Allied Bone and Joint.

Orthopedic Experts you can Rely on to Get Your Life Back in Motion

At Allied Bone and Joint, we don’t simply treat orthopedic issues, such as knee and ankle injuries, we do all we can to ensure that your life continues in motion.

Although some issues involving the knee require surgery, others may be treated through alternative modalities. No matter what treatment is most effective for your knee injury, you, in alongside our other patients, can take comfort and assurance that our orthopedic surgeons have extensive experience and skills in the most advanced and innovative surgical techniques, including arthroscopic surgery and total knee replacement.

If you’re concerned about a knee problem resulting from a sports-related injury, arthritis, accident, job-related situation or simply standing up from a chair the wrong way, we are here to help. Call us now for a consultation 574-247-4667 – we’ll do our very best to have your life in motion as soon as possible.


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