5 Steps to Finding the Best Knee Orthopedic Surgeon

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The questions you need to ask when looking for orthopedic care.

best-knee-orthopedic-surgeonWhen your knees need the best knee orthopedic surgeon, there isn’t time to take a chance on a specialist. Joint injuries don’t mess around, so take the proper steps to ensure that you have the right knee specialist for your injury.

At Allied Bone and Joint, our specialists are top notch, offering a range of experience in orthopedic medicine. Our board certified orthopedic surgeons understand how crucial it is to patient health to find a proper specialist for your particular ailment, which is why we suggest you take these 5 steps towards finding the right surgeon.

Finding the Best Knee Orthopedic Surgeon in 5 Steps!

  1. Ask around. Check with your current clinician, as well as friends and family, to see if they would recommend an orthopedic surgeon specializing in knees. There is no greater advertisement than from those that you trust!
  2. Check out the Orthopedic Departments of Excellence. Many hospitals will have a record of excellence for orthopedic surgeons in the area. Ask your hospital about an orthopedic surgeon that excels at knee orthopedics.
  3. Location, location, location. Once you have the name of an orthopedic surgeon knee specialist, consider the distance of this practice from your home. If you are undergoing a major knee surgery, you will want to be close to home for the procedure and follow-up care. Decide how far you are willing to commute for the best orthopedic surgeon.
  4. Set goals. What are your goals in seeking out orthopedic care? Eliminating pain from everyday activities, or from more rigorous activities that put more stress on your joints? Decide on your goals and share them with the surgeon you are considering. Do they share these same goals?
  5. Communication. The number one tip for finding the best knee orthopedic surgeon is finding a surgeon that you communicate well with. Make sure you are on the same page as this doctor, and that he or she understand what you would like to gain from orthopedic surgery.

At Allied Bone and Joint, we are committed to improving the lives of our community through excellent orthopedic care. Excelling in both care and comfort, our practice will put you at ease when it comes to improving your quality of life. In addition, we have locations in both the Michiana and Plymouth area, making your care closer to home.

If you are looking for the best knee orthopedic surgeon, contact Allied Bone and Joint today! Find out why we are the orthopedic practice for you, and how we can help you live life in motion!


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