5 Things to Know Before Seeking Arthritis Hand Pain Treatment In South Bend

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Experts Are Here to Help Ease Both Your Arthritis Hand Pain and Worries

Arthritis Hand Pain Treatment in South BendThe term “arthritis,” whether degenerative (osteoarthritis) or autoimmune (rheumatoid), can feel daunting, especially if it’s used in a diagnosis. Arthritis, however, does not constitute an unhappy sentencing. Those who live with arthritis hand pain, can take solace in knowing there are viable solutions to treating pain.

Before you seek help for arthritis hand pain treatment in South Bend, there are a few things to help prepare you.

5 Things to Consider Before You Seek Arthritis Hand Pain Treatment in South Bend

Arthritis of the hand refers to inflammation of the joints. This inflammation is caused by the slow diminishment of cartilage surrounding the joints over time, which in turn can cause pain. Since we use our hands for virtually everything, having arthritis in the hand and wrist can be challenging to daily living. It doesn’t, however, mean there aren’t solutions available to help reduce and treat pain.

Part of eliminating pre-treatment concerns is having an idea of what solutions might be presented should you suffer from arthritis or arthritis hand pain.

Here are a few things to help you better understand how arthritis hand pain can be addressed:

  1. Medication – pain can be reduced by anti-inflammatory drugs like acetaminophen and ibuprofen. In some scenarios, a topical capsaicin medication can relieve pain.
  2. Supplements – over the counter dietary supplements such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin have been shown to ease the effects of arthritis.
  3. Splinting – keeping arthritic areas of the hands in a specialized splint can aid in reducing pain. A study conducted by Pacific University demonstrated that patients who wore splints up to two months preferred “use to non-use.”
  4. Injections – sometimes corticosteroids that simulate the effects of the cortisol hormone naturally found in the body can be injected to help control inflammation of the joints.
  5. Physical therapy – the application of heat can help ease pain and enable the arthritic areas of the hand to stretch, in addition to special strengthening exercises. It’s best to consult a medical specialist before attempting any exercise.

A professional orthopedic specialist will provide an assessment to determine whether arthritis of the hand (or wrist) is present. Sometimes x-rays will be taken to evaluate how arthritis has progressed (if present). Although surgery may be an additional option to treating arthritis hand pain, an orthopedic surgeon will ultimately decide. Typically the solutions listed above will be attempted first, depending on the severity of pain and longevity of arthritis.

Experts Are Here to Help Ease Both Your Arthritis Hand Pain and Worries

Consulting experts, like those we have on staff here at Allied Bone and Joint, can help ease your fears and help you find solutions to arthritis hand pain. In addition to helping our patients navigate pain associated with arthritis, we also treat carpal tunnel syndrome, sprains, fractures/dislocations, ligament injuries and tendonitis.

Our mission is to keep you in motion. You can feel confident in knowing that we are dedicated to listening to all your concerns, while also offering you the best in treatment and customer service. Please call us today if you’re in need for arthritis hand pain treatment in South Bend (or surrounding areas): 574-247-4667.


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