How To Recognize When You Need Ankle Injury Treatment

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Don’t let your pain go, look at the signs and get treated before it’s too late!


Have you or a loved one recently suffered from an ankle injury? For many people, the smart thing to do is to make sure to rest and ice your ankle – but what if there’s more that’s wrong, deep below the surface? There are 2 main types of injuries that can occur to the ankle, and that is an ankle sprain and an ankle fracture. While both are important to take care of, you must make sure that you’re getting the ankle injury treatment that is appropriate for your specific injury.

What’s The Difference In Ankle Injury Treatment?

Regardless of the activity that caused the injury, a sprain occurs when the strong ligaments that support the ankle stretch beyond their limits. When this happens, the ligament tears. Most sprains are minor injuries that will heal with rest and ice but if you have had multiple ankle sprains, or your ankle seems to be swollen and refusing to get better with home treatment – you should consult your podiatrist as soon as possible.

Signs you may have a sprained ankle include:

  • Tender to touch
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Ankle instability

Sprained ankles can occur from something as simple as walking down the street to playing sports. Anything that involves your foot in twisting or rolling will likely end in an ankle sprain.

A broken ankle is also known as an ankle fracture. This is where one or more bones in the ankle joint are actually broken. A fracture may be as simple as breaking only one bone, allowing you to still walk and tricking you into thinking you may have only sprained your ankle.

Other breaks or fractures can be more serious, making your ankle unstable.

Symptoms of a broken/fractured ankle include:

  • Immediate, severe pain
  • Tender
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Unable to put weight on foot
  • Noticeable bone out of place, especially if ankle is dislocated

What Does Ankle Injury Treatment Look Like?

With a variety of different ways to go, ankle injury treatment can range from using a cast or brace to having surgery and placing pins to aide in the healing.

Most sprains are treated by wearing a protective bandage that helps keep the ankle in place. Resting, icing, compressing and elevating your ankle is key to a fast recovery.

Meanwhile, fractures are a little different. Some fractures may need a cast or removable brace that can help keep the ankle in place, reducing stress to the area for up to 6 weeks. Severe fractures can lead to surgery where there are screws and plates placed. This would help fix any bone fragments that need to be fixed.

For a more specific and detailed explanation of treatment, please contact a professional. If you have any of these symptoms of a broken or fractured ankle and need ankle injury treatment, but you don’t have a doctor – please contact our podiatrist here at Allied Bone and Joint at 574-247-4667 or 574-540-2500. Let us put your life in motion.