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Allied Bone and Joint bring you the latest technology and innovative techniques for Osteoporosis

advanced osteoporosis treatment around south bendAre you or someone you love currently suffering from Osteoporosis? Perhaps you are all in the beginning stages – or maybe you’ve reached the most critical stage in your journey with Osteoporosis. No matter the stage, Allied Bone and Joint provide help for those in need. With advanced Osteoporosis treatment around South Bend and Plymouth, you’ll be happy that you chose us as your health care providers.

Before determining whether or not you are in the advanced stages of Osteoporosis, you should visit your doctor for a proper diagnosis. In the meantime, we can give you an example of each stage and what they might look like.

Stage 1
When the breakdown of bones occur at the same rate that the body builds bone, but there are no visible symptoms.

Stage 2
This is when the breakdown of bone occurs faster than the body builds bone. There are still no symptoms, but this can be detected through bone density tests.

Stage 3
This is when the bone becomes so thin that it breaks when it is stressed, whereas normally a healthy bone would not break. Most cases of Osteoporosis are diagnosed during this stage.

Stage 4
When the bones begin to fracture and pain increases, then disability appears. A person may experience deformities of the spine, wrists or other areas. There will be difficulty completing daily activities, as well.

Fortunately, there have been many treatment options available to those in advanced Osteoporosis stage 3, and before stage 4 occurs this disease has been maintained and a person can keep from reaching stage 4.

Advanced Osteoporosis Treatment Around South Bend Comes In Many Forms

There are many forms of treatment for advanced Osteoporosis, aside from medications. A few changes in lifestyle are recommended such as:

  • Increased calcium intake
  • Increase vitamin D
  • Be careful to prevent falling
  • Stop smoking
  • Limit alcohol intake
  • Exercise regularly to keep muscles strong
  • Keep in close communication with your doctor
  • Keep a healthy diet, avoiding sugars

Although these forms of treatment are a wonderful alternative to medication, there are instances where medication is necessary. Along with keeping the recommended lifestyle change, you may be prescribed with medications such as :


  • Alendronate (Fosamax)
  • Risedronate (Actonel)
  • Ibandronate (Boniva)
  • Zoledronic Acid (Reclast)


For women who are low in estrogen, medications such as Raloxifene (Evista) can be prescribed to increase hormones and help treat Osteoporosis. Although this is an option, it is not the go-to for all women.


  • Denosumab (Prolia)
  • Teriparatide (Forteo)

To get started on the road to recovery with our advances osteoporosis treatment around South Bend, contact us at at 574-247-4667. We can discover the right treatments for Osteoporosis together. You may also request an appointment online.

Whatever your complaint, our goal at Allied Bone and Joint is to put your life in motion.


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